Monday, July 7, 2008

Giles Family 2010 Site Selection Committee Follow-Up

The majority of the persons in attendance at the 2008 Family Reunion voted for the family to return to Wakefield, VA. in 2010 instead of one of the other sites that were suggested by members of the family. Unfortunately, our presenter of the sites did not show and make a presentation on information gathered due to family illness, as we were later informed.

In addition, the majority's desire was for our committee not to contact absent family members for their input and vote, as the committee had planned. The family wanted to leave this reunion knowing where they will meet in 2010 instead of being notified at a later date after other family members were located and contacted. Therefore, please disregard our committee's request for you to cast a vote and provide input in selecting a site for 2010.

We thank you very much for the information and support that you provided to the site selection committee.

We pray the best of health and strength to those who shared infromation on illnesses in your family as a reason for not attending this reunion. For those of you who had other circumstances preventing you from attending, God Bless You.

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