Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2010 Site Selection

We Need Your Vote

The 2010 Site Selection Committee has begun planning for the Giles Family Reunion Meeting to be held in 2010.

We would like to report that you have suggested three areas; Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Richmond, Virginia and Farmville, Virginia. Alicia Jones will be making a preliminary presentation on these areas. More information will follow at a later date. Also, you will be casting your vote of choice. For persons not attending the 2008 Family Reunion, the committee will make every effort to contact them for their vote. Your assistance in providing contact information for absent members will be greatly appreciated. That information can be provided at the 2008 Family Reunion, by e-mail: Jwhite20@aol.com , by mail: Joyce White, P.O. Box 25415, Richmond, VA 23260 or by telephone, (804)986-2626. Our goal is to include as many family members as we can reach. Your vote counts!!!!!

We are also requesting that you provide information on activities that you enjoy. We look forward to hearing from you and other family members.

The persons who volunteered for this committee are:

Waverly Berry
Waverly Brown
Wilson (Snoopy) Friend
Felecia Friend Harris
Eva Ferguson
William Ferguson
Gloria Jean Flowers
Margie Friend
Joyce Hicks
Gloria Johnson
Alicia Jones
Geraldine Owens
Florence Berry Starke
Helen Terry
Karen Terry
Keith Terry
Joyce White
Curtis White

Let us hear from you


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