Monday, June 9, 2008

Giles Family Reunion 2008

FROM: Giles Family Planning Commitee
Wison Friend, President - 804-321-9031
Lettie Booker, Secretary - 757-722-7371

Very soon we will gather for a blessed and joyous 2008 Giles Family Reunion. It is not too late to register, however, Cousin Felecia needs to hear from you immediately. We need to know numbers so that we can provide for adequate food and lodging at the Airfield 4-H Center. Call her at 804-321-9031.

Here are some other things you need to know about the 2008 Giles Family Reunion.

1. The theme for this year’s banquet is "Love, Peace & Happiness". Casual dress (dashikis, tye dye, bell bottoms and other period clothes) is encouraged. Also, bring pictures of yourself from the 1970’s.

2. In an effort to shorten our Giles Family Meeting, each committee chair is asked to write a short report about its work and plans. These will be printed in the Information Booklet. If you are a committee chair, please e-mail this information to Cousin Kathy Davis at by June 21. Please place "Giles Family Reunion" in the subject line of the email.

3. T-Shirts, cap ,and hat orders are due June 15, 2008 !! Please send order and money to Margie Friend,3401 Fendall Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 or call her at 804-321-9031. Costs for shirts are $6.00 for Children Sizes Small, Medium, and Large; $10.00 for Adult Sizes Small, Medium, and Large; $11.00 for 1X; $12.00 for 2X; $13.00 for 3X; and $14.00 for 4X.

4. The Auction serves as a major fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund. Each family is asked to bring items of value for the Live and Silent Auction. Bring your checkbooks and generosity so that we can support our family members who are in college. If you are or will be a college student and wish to apply for the Giles Family Scholarship, please call Cousin Helen Terry at 843-395-0563.

5. Towels are provided in the rooms but are not provided for the swimming pool. If you or someone attending with you plan to go swimming, please bring extra towels for that purpose. (It wouldn’t hurt for everybody to pack 2 or 3 extra towels.)

6. All family members are asked to bring snacks, cookies, chips, sodas, water, etc. to share at the welcoming reception on July 4, 2008. Hot dogs, burgers, buns, condiments, baked beans, and pasta salad will be provided.

7. The Fashion and Talent Shows will follow the Saturday night banquet, If you would like to participate, contact Cousin Tonette Howell at 804-561-5203. Each family should have at least one entry in the Fashion or Talent Show. All talent welcomed.

Okay, that is it !!! We pray for your safe travels to Wakefield, Virginia. Again, please share this information with all of your family members who will be attending. Look forward to seeing you on Friday, July 4th.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome, Family!

This blog is authored by Alicia Yates Jones (descendant of Lizzie Giles) as a way to communicate with other members of the Giles Family to prepare for the 2010 reunion. Additionally, it will serve as a connector to the family at large to share our joys, our triumphs, our passions and our pains.

Joyce White is an administrator. She keeps us up to date on family events via emails.

Administrator invites have been extended to our cousin, Gary Crump (CA), Felicia Friend (VA), and Fred and Alice White (NY). If there are any other family members who would like to contribute, please contact me at